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When we first received Google Chrome we knew that lots of people were expecting to have a browser by Google and they wanted to enjoy all Google applicaions in a new way, but some people are not satisfied with thw Goggle web browser because they are used to Firefox.

As you know, Google Chrome is not the only way to access Google services, and you can try a new solution called FoxGLove. FoxGlove is not a new web browser itself, but a mix of Firefox applications already installed in a portable version of Firefox featuring a Google Chrome Skin.

This mix of add-ons gives you the possibility to use Firefox and enjoy Google services without having to install the web browser on the computer you are using, juust have it in the USB drive and enjoy it on the go.

FoxGLove includes: Google Toolbar, AdBlock Plus, Better GMail, Better GReader, Better GCal, Better Youtube, CustomizeGoogle, Dictionary search, Google Gears, Google Notebook and more.
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